To think we used to say it in a text...!

Teehee!  I spied these card designs online - 'courtesy cards' from Gramkin Paper Studio, sold on Etsy.  Check out their cute, kitsch range of card designs.  This one’s a bit mean…but it does look pretty though!  They aren’t all of the same tone, in fact there are some other charming card designs with peacock illustrations and the like, but these are definitely my favourites.  I like the way they look so delightful, disguised in pretty and colourful typography and printed on nice card stock…until you read what they actually say!  


"Are you tired of trying to have a good time with your friends and being interrupted by that annoying pick up artist?  Sick of wasting valuable minutes of your life that you can't get back by turning down the overly confident pursuer?  Then try a courtesy card!  These handy little cards are the perfect size to get the job done!  When you don't want to be bothered and can't waste anytime, simply reach for a card and hand it over to the offender...and walk away....just let the card do the rest  What a small price to pay for peace of mind!  And remember when you can't say it to someones face......Say it in a card!"

So if you need to get that little something off your chest, for those of you amongst us who are too shy to say it out loud, Gramkin Paper Studio may just be able to help!

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  1. I think these might just work because it'd be such an odd thing to do (give someone one of these) that they'd be completely stupefied!