A splash of paint

Stunning photos from London based photographer Iain Crawford.  With his quite extraordinary approach to fashion photography he has produced a fantastic and unique portfolio full of amazing work.  This series where brightly coloured paint is thrown over flawless models, possesses something extra special.  The elegant shapes that Crawford captures in that split second are incredible, as if the paint was meant to wrap itself around the model in that exact way…I can’t imagine how the models manage to pose so professionally with paint being thrown at them, but somehow they accomplish it with total grace!  The result is a range of brilliant pictures full of emotion, energy, and most of all, captivating COLOUR!  The colour is my favourite aspect of Crawford’s work, it’s bright and it’s fantastic!  I haven’t seen colour used like this before, to full effect, with one simple, bold colour at a time.  With work like this it’s not surprising he’s been commissioned by the likes of L’Oreal, Givenchy, Lancome and Vogue, among many many more.  Every time I look at these pictures it strikes me how Crawford has managed to create a feeling of such calm, from such chaos.
Click here for Iain Crawford’s website and to take a peek at the rest of his work.


  1. These are just beautiful. I think it is amazing as you said how the paint looks like it is meant to be part of the model, the paint becomes fashion pieces. The composition of the paint reminds me of structural fashion pieces, imagine if the paint was static and stuck like it is in these photographs. Amazing.

    Imagine how hard it would have been for the models and how many takes they would have had. Still.... Brilliant.

  2. I've met Iain Crawford a few times and was going to do some work with him when I was younger but unfortunately I was away. His work is amazing, the explosion of colour and light. He told me that overall you've just got to ba patient as nine times out of ten the shapes won't come out right and then... you've got to start all over again prepping, lighting, make up! Really glad someone posted about this guy!

  3. Yes I can imagine he must be a very patient man! From looking at the finished images they look so perfect, but you can tell that a lot of time must be put into getting it just right. Every time it wasn't quite right it must've been a nightmare to wash off all that paint!