Cabbage dresses and balloon lips

I love the work of Berlin-based artist Sarah Illenberger.  She creates the most wonderful sculptures and visuals from any items that she can get her hands on, or so it seems.  From a burger created with the materials of a tree to a Nike boot made out of odds and bods, Illenberger transforms the everyday and miscellaneous into beautiful pieces of art, full of character.  A multi-talented artist, she seems to be able to turn her hand to anything she pleases with a portfolio bursting full of work, including set design, illustration, both commercial and editorial work too.  There’s so much there I found it impossible to choose my favourite! So instead I chose quite a few favourites:

She manages to create unique three-dimensional pieces of art with a humorous and whimsical flair.  I love the bright colours and playful aspect of her work, and her ability to visualise such imaginative outcomes.  To view more of her work visit www.sarahillenberger.com.

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  1. That Cabbage dress is amazing! Wouldn't like to wear it though!