The London Bridge Quarter

Behold the latest visual representations of London Bridge Tower aka ‘The Shard’ presented to you by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop.  As part of the London Bridge Quarter makeover, a 2 billion pound development, the Shard is set to be the tallest building in the UK and one of the tallest in Europe measuring in at a staggering 1017ft.  It will lose out to the Federation Tower in Moscow by approximtely 50 metres.  This height is quite significant, almost three times the height of St Paul’s Cathedral, that will no doubt take president as the most prominent feature across the London skyline.  The Shard will provide the centerpiece of the London Bridge Quarter redevelopment, encompassing offices, restaurants, apartments, retail areas and a hotel, joined to a public piazza and passageway to London Bridge Station.  The concept is that an urban environment will be generated 24 hours a day.

The name says it all…in a design that resembles a handful of glass shards pieced together beginning wider at the base and narrowing to the tip, piercing upwards towards the sky.  From the pictures it appears incredibly sci-fi-esque with a pinnacle that might shoot a beam into space at any second.  Upon visiting the official website, it states the inspiration behind the Shard’s design is in fact based in the ‘historic form of London’s masts and spires’ featuring a 16th century scene of the river Thames full of the many masts of hundreds of boats and ships.

The design is unique and refreshing if not a bit bizarre, combining art, design and architecture in great harmony.  This uniqueness stands it in good stead to become an internationally recognised brand.  I look forward to experiencing the monumental building upon its completion in 2012.       

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