Fashion good enough to eat!

On a similar theme to that of the cabbage and brussel sprouts dress by Sarah Illenberger, ‘A Matter of Taste’ is a unique and tantalizing book by Fulvio Bonavia, Italian graphic designer turned photographer, who has worked with the likes of Saab, BMW, Adidas and Heinenken among many others.  Published in 2008, it contains a collection of weird and wonderful photographs of fashion items made from food.  Guaranteed to tease your taste buds, this body of work sees rise to the introduction of fashion good enough to eat…literally.  From rice boots, aubergine pumps and delicious candy shoes to bags made from broccoli and luscious raspberries, there are literally all of the accessories a girl could ever need to create one scrumptious outfit.  I love the bright and colourful photographs and think the concept of fusing cuisine and couture is both imaginative and humorous.  The pics certainly made me giggle.  These delightful images are accompanied with text written by Peta Mathias, an artistic chef, author and broadcaster from New Zealand.  Earlier this year a few of his photographs were exhibited among the exquisitely displayed food at La Grande Epicerire, Paris.  Here are some of my favourites.  To see more of Fulvio’s work visit his homepage here

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