Nacho Gil

I really like these illustrations of animals by Nacho Gil - Argentinean artist and designer at MTV with a delicious sounding name!  Illustrations of animals don’t usually grip me, however he takes this fairly (in my opinion) boring concept and turns it into a contemporary one again, with his angular shapes and graphic style.  I like the way he has taken this style of illustration and applied it to create a series, each of which complement and strengthen the others.  When I look at them I feel like I’m looking down a kaleidoscope, in the symmetry and the jagged, 3D ‘diamond’ effect, with sharp points rising up in numerous places.  In that respect, they sort of remind me of childhood.  These are my favourites but you can take a look at the whole series by visiting his website here.

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  1. Those are really good.
    I completely agree when you say its like looking down a kaleidoscope. I like how he has only used triangles as well. A very interesting concept.